Griffin Parking Area Maintenance

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Sweeping increases the longevity of asphalt, concrete, sealcoat, striping and hard-scape areas. This will enhance the property investment as well as reduce capital expenditures. Proper and consistent sweeping will remove abrasive materials such as sand, dirt and gravel. Vehicles and abrasive material work together like an industrial grade sander to destroy your expensive assets. Weed and root damage from dirt and sand collection will quickly damage parking areas. Increasing the frequency of power sweeping can extend the life of sealcoat and striping significantly.

A clean, debris free parking area can reduce your liability in “slip and fall” litigation, thereby mitigating insurance risk. Partnering with a certified sweeping contractor to provide a documented sweeping plan can discourage frivolous lawsuits. The removal of loose debris improves vehicle braking time further reducing exposure in legitimate lawsuits. Regular sweeping is a key element in a property maintenance program designed to minimize exposure.



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